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The Forgotten Revolution: The 1919 Hungarian Republic of Councils

Posted by Rose Black on

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The 1919 rebellion by the Habsburg Empire’s Hungarian subjects—millions of working men and women—has not been treated kindly by historians over the past century for fear that full disclosure of its true dimensions may spark a repeat performance on a global scale, bringing both capitalism and socialism as we know them to their knees.

This is how a prominent member of the American delegation at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 put it diplomatically: “if the troubles in Hungary spread, they’ll make wastepaper of our conventions” (Margaret MacMillan in Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World).

As for the Soviet Union? Virtually the entire leadership of the 1919 Hungarian Republic of Councils that fled from Budapest on August 1st, 1919, seeking refuge in the Soviet Union, was executed on the orders of the Soviet Communist leader, Joseph Stalin. In anticipation of the forthcoming book The Forgotten Revolution (Edited by András B. Göllner), this event will set the historical record straight on the heroic but tragic events of 1919 by paying tribute to the working women and men who, a century ago, gave their lives to an idea that refuses to die.

Black Rose Books and its partners believe that working men and women have an inalienable right to control their own lives and salute their struggle for justice, equality under the law, and ecologically sustainable economic development.


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