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The Unknown Revolution

Black Rose Books

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The Unknown Revolution



Foreword by Rudolph Rocker

A famous history of the Russian revolution and its aftermath.

This edition reinstates material that has been omitted from recent editions of the English-language version and reproduces the complete text of the original French volumes.

Voline was a Russian anarchist who participated in the Russian and Ukrainian Revolutions before being forced into exile.

"...a fascinating and valuable book - a combination of history, eye-witness account, and partisan advocacy - about the Russian revolution of 1917-21."
- Stephen F. Cohen author of Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution

"In rich detail [Voline] documents the efforts of workers, peasants, and intellectuals to inaugurate a free society based on local initiative and autonomy... It should be read by every person interested in the anarchist movement and the Russian revolution."
- Paul Avrich author of The Russian Anarchists

"The uniqueness of his work consists not only in the events that the author has selected for analysis but also in the anarchist point of view...neither...would be found in Soviet or Western academic literature of the Revolution."
- Choice Magazine

1990; 717 pages, illustrated

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