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Our Generation
Volume, 1 Number 3

Black Rose Books Publishing

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Our Generation Against Nuclear War

VOLUME 1, NO. 3, Spring 1962

  • Violence on Trial, Gabriel Breton
  • Public Opinion on War and Shelters, Stephen Withey
  • What Every Schoolboy Knows, John Weiss
  • The Effects of a 20 Megaton Bomb, Scientists Commission on Radiation Information
  • Three Sides of the Pentagon, Arthur Waskow
  • The Limits of Defense, Todd Gitlin
  • America's New Disarmament Policy, Mason Drukman
  • History of Disarmament, Nicolette Carey
  • Perspective on Berlin, Otto Feinstein
  • Assessment of the Soviet Threat, Robert Paul Wolff
  • Economics of Armament and Disarmament, Seymour Melman
  • A 1961 Peace Walk, Lawrence Landry and Edward Eckenfels
  • The Politics of Peace, Various
  • The Organizations of Peace, Various
  • Epilogue, Various