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Our Generation
Volume, 1 Number 2

Black Rose Books Publishing

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Our Generation Against Nuclear War

VOLUME 1, NO. 2, Winter 1962


  • Preface to the Second Issue, J.B. Priestley
  • Thesis for the Atomic Age, Dr. Gunther Anders
  • Internationalizing the Nuclear Disarmament Movement, Dimitrios Roussopoulos
  • Expecting the Barbarians: A Poem, C.P. Cavafy
  • Let's Have a Seminar on the Bomb, G.J. Ringer
  • A Reply to Dr. Keyston, Michael Maxwell
  • Book Reviews:
    • A World without War by Walter Millis, reviewed by David Maxwell
    • The Tragedy of United States German Policies, Brig. Gen. Hugh B. Hester
    • War and Peace and the Problem of Berlin, Professor Warner Neal
    • What our Press Reports, Irena Turnbull