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Our Generation
Volume 15, Number 1

Black Rose Books Publishing

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Our Generation

VOLUME 15, NO. 1, Winter 1982


  • Introduction
  • What About Clifford Olson? by Claire Culhane
  • Notes on Exterminism, The Last Stage of Civilisation by E.P. Thompson
  • Canada and the Arms Race by Steve Ella ms
  • Group Politics, Class Politics, and the Peace Movement by Maclean Wells
  • A Peace Conference by Jim Joyce
  • Academics for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Women and the Ideology of Science by Geraldine Finn
  • POLAND: Solidarity with SOLIDARITY
  • Poland: The Road to Gdansk (Singer), At the Lenin Shipyards, Poland and the Rise of the Solidarity Trade Union (Persky) by Steve Ellams
  • The Political Economy of the Welfare State (Ian Gough) by John Selby
  • The Poverty of Theory and other essays (E.P. Thompson), Arguments within English Marxism (Perry Anderson) by Bryan D. Palmer
  • GRAPHICS by Thomas Holland