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Nationalism And Culture
Rudolf Rocker

Black Rose Books

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Nationalism And Culture

Rudolf Rocker


Translated by Ray E. Chase

Originally published in 1937, Rudolf Rocker’s classic Nationalism and Culture is a detailed study of the intellectual development and cultural history of European nationalism. Tracing the evolution of religious and political systems and their relation to the authoritarian state, Rocker analyses concepts of ‘Nation’ as alleged communities of race, culture, language, and common interest.

"An important contribution to political philosophy, both on account of its penetrating and widely informative analysis of many famous writers, and on account of the brilliant criticism of state-worship. I hope it will be widely read in all those countries where disinterested thinking is not yet illegal."- Bertrand Russell

"An important contribution to our thought about human society: it is the work not merely of a keen, well-poised mind, but of a deeply humane personality. Nationalism and Culture, in short, is a book worthy to be placed on the same shelf that holds Candide, The Rights of Man and Mutual Aid."- Lewis Mumford

"I find the book extraordinarily original and illuminating. Many facts and relationships are presented in it in a novel and convincing fashion." - Albert Einstein

"It is impossible to give an adequate review of a book so dense with facts. I can only state that where I have special knowledge, as in the history of art, I have invariably found these facts correct. I find Rocker tolerant, modest, and aware of the essential values in culture. In one word, I find him infinitely sympathetic." - Herbert Read

Table of Contents

  • Book One
    • Preface to the English edition
    • Translator's Preface
    • Chapter I. The Insufficiency of Economic Materialism
    • Chapter II. Religion and Politics
    • Chapter III. The Middle Ages: Church and State
    • Chapter IV. Power Versus Culture
    • Chapter V. The Rise of the National State
    • Chapter VI. The Reformation and the New State
    • Chapter VII. Absolutism: An Obstacle to Economic Development
    • Chapter VIII. The Doctrine of the Social Contract
    • Chapter IX. Liberal Ideas in Europe and America
    • Chapter X. Liberalism and Democracy
    • Chapter XI. German Philosophy and the State
    • Chapter XII. Democracy and the National State
    • Chapter XIII. Romanticism and Nationalism
    • Chapter XIV. Socialism and the State
    • Chapter XV. Nationalism: A Political Religion
  • Book Two
    • Chapter I. The Nation as Community of Morals, Custom and Interest
    • Chapter II. The Nation as Community of Language
    • Chapter III. The Nation in the Light of Modern Race Theories
    • Chapter IV. Political Unity and the Evolution of Culture
    • Chapter V. Political Decentralization in Greece
    • Chapter VI. Roman Centralization and its Influence
    • Chapter VII. National Unity and the Decline of Culture
    • Chapter VIII. The Illusion of a National Culture
    • Chapter IX. The National State and the Development of Science
    • Chapter X. Architecture and Nationality
    • Chapter XI. Art and the National Spirit
    • Chapter XII. Social Problems of Our Times
  • Epilogue to the Second American edition
  • Bibliography
  • Index

1997: 592 pages, index, bibliography

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