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Weaving Another Future
Jineolojî Committee in Europe

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Weaving Another Future: Jineolojî—Readings in Women’s Science

Jineolojî Committee in Europe, ed.


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Over the past decade, Western audiences have grown used to seeing images of Kurdish women in army fatigues fighting as part of Women’s Protection Units in the Syrian Civil War. But these striking images are not the whole story. Kurdish women’s militias are part of a revolution built on a sophisticated intellectual foundation that places the empowerment of women at the center of the struggle for political self-determination. Jineolojî is the name of this new social science, and Weaving Another Future is the first in a series of English-language books, collected and translated from the journal Jineolojî, that illustrate the scope and depth of this lively new discipline. In the wake of Western feminism that struggles to produce profound change in many women’s lives, the promise of Jineolojî is spreading to communities around the world. Weaving Another Future features essays on the goals and methodology of Jineolojî, matriarchal history and society, challenging patriarchal systems, building democratic autonomy outside the state, women's participation in emancipatory struggles, self-defense, and self-governance.

The Jineolojî Committee in Europe is a collective dedicated to the advancement of Jineolojî and publishes a journal of the same name.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Jineolojî? / Jineolojî Committee in Europe
  • Suggestion for a Scientific Methodology for a Free Society / Yvonne Heine
  • Ways to See, and Ways to See Ourselves / Emilia Rojo, Colectivo Latinoafricano
  • Reflections about Man, Masculinity and Patriarchal Society / Avjîn Azadi
  • Understanding and Building Relations of Life Beyond Patriarchy / Heide Göttner-Abendroth
  • Free Love and Culture of Monogamy / Alba PZ
  • Contra-Narrations: Collective Memory of Humanity Should be Revived / Sandra Schiassi & Nicoletta Cocchi
  • Women in Social Revolutions / Yanira Hermida Martín
  • The Narrative of Revolution in the Making Conference / Haskar Kırmızıgül
  • The Feminist Pedagogy of Rivers, Seeds, Bodies and Free Territories / Claudia Korol
  • Autonomous Women’s Politics: Between the Existential and the Possible / Dilar Dirik
  • Reflections on Our Experience of Struggle in the Indigenous Cauca / Vilma Rocío Almendra Quiguanás
  • Feminist Policies: An Investigation among Some Women Who Met with Jineolojî in Italian Territories / Jineolojî Comittee of Italy
  • Each People Writes Its Own Destiny / Yanira Hermida Martín
  • The Maternal Economy and Patriarchal Capitalism / Genevieve Vaughan
  • Feminists Making Economies / Flora Partenio
  • A Draft for a Life in Common. A View into Economy from an Autonomy Perspective / Group of Reflexion Towards Autonomy

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