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Durruti: The People Armed
Abel Paz

Black Rose Books

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Durruti: The People Armed

Abel Paz


Forty years of fighting, of exile, of jailings, of living underground, of strikes, and of insurrection, Buenaventura Durruti, the legendary Spanish revolutionary lived many lives.

Uncompromising anarchist, intransigent revolutionary, he travelled a long road from rebellious young worker to the man who refused all bureaucratic positions, honours, awards, and who at death was mourned by millions of women and men. Durruti believed and lived his belief that revolution and freedom were inseparable.

Written by Abel Paz, and translated from the French by Nancy Macdonald,, this book is the story of legendary Spanish revolutionary, and uncompromising anarchist, Buenaventura Durruti, as well as a history of the Spanish revolution.  It is more than theoretical, it is a rich and passionate documentary of a man and an epoch.

"... When a column is tired and ready to drop with exhaustion, Durruti goes to talk new courage into the men. When things go bad up Saragossa way, Durruti climbs aboard and aeroplane and drops down on the fields of Aragon to put himself at the head of Catalonian partisans. Wherever you go it's Durruti and Durruti again, whom you hear spoken of as a wonder-man." - Toronto Daily Star, August 5, 1936

1976; 326 pages

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