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Organicity: Entropy or Evolution
David Dobereiner

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Organicity: Entropy or Evolution

David Dobereiner


Nature is endlessly reinventing itself in a constant flux of movement and diversity. Yet the advancement of modern civilization has engendered extreme inequality, social division, and an imbalance between society and nature. Our technological proficiency has given our species the illusion of omnipotence; in our efforts to build robots more like us, we have not noticed how robotic we ourselves have become. To deal with this profound crisis, we must understand this problem at its roots. Could the origins of social domination and ecological exploitation be related? Is it possible for us to transform these dynamics and design society in a way that is cognizant of, and harmonious with, the Earth?

In this visionary book, David Dobereiner lucidly delves into the present urban and ecological impasse and examines the prospects for our future. Laced with insights into social and political ecology and written with a lifetime's experience of innovating in ecological design, Organicity shows that there is still hope to build a more humane, egalitarian, and sustainable system, but it requires a fundamental shift in the way we do civilization. At the crossroads of creation and destruction, will evolution or entropy triumph?

David Dobereiner has practiced architectural design and related subjects at universities in the United States, Canada, and England.

  “I found him to be a thougthful critic, with a grasp of serious problems and a willingness to devote hard thinking to them.”
— Noam Chomsky in praise of David Dobereiner

“Organicity is a thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative book… Dobereiner is a truly free spirit.”
— Jan Deckers, Senior Lecturer in Bioethics at Newcastle University and author ofAnimal (De)Liberation

“A science and philosophy appropriate to the 21st century. Dobereiner’s views are the best answer I know.”
— Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review

184 pages; 2019

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Way To Stop Ecocide
  • Chapter 1: Organicity In A Nutshell
  • Chapter 2: The Organic/Machinic Dichotomy
  • Chapter 3: To Be Or Not To Be
  • Chapter 4: Participatory Democracy
  • Chapter 5: The Three Existential Crises
  • Chapter 6: Organi-City: (The Matripole)
  • Chapter 7: Organicity Strikes Back
  • Chapter 8: Mixed Metaphors: A Play In One Act 100
  • Chapter 9: Summary Statement
  • Chapter 10: Pru’s Q’s, And Dob’s A’s
  • Chapter 11: Organicity—Just In Time?
  • Chapter 12: Core Principles Of Organicity
  • Epilogue and Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography

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