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Take the City: The Future of Radical Urban Social Movements

Posted by Rose Black on

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  • Kazembe Balagun (New York City) 
  • Margit Mayer (Berlin) 
  • Norma Rantisi (Montreal).
Since the late 2000s, the majority of human beings have lived in cities. Across the world, a new wave of urban social movements is rising to fight against corporate control, social exclusion, hostile immigration policies, gender oppression, and ecological devastation. These movements are building economic, social, and political alternatives based on solidarity, equality, and participation—neighbourhood by neighbourhood, workplace by workplace.

In this video discussion we ask: what opportunities and challenges do these movements now face in the volatile context of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond? Is this a moment for the rise of municipal socialism and a collective Right to the City, in which cities are democratically run at the grassroots level, prioritizing social justice rather than capitalist profit? Or will austerity measures and predatory neoliberal policy further destabilize these movements, exacerbating existing inequality and precarious conditions for the poor and working class?
Featured Book
Take the City!: Voices of Radical Municipalism 
Edited by Jason Toney


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