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Ecology of Everyday Life
Chaia Heller

Black Rose Books

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Ecology of Everyday Life : Rethinking the Desire for Nature

Chaia Heller


While exploring the historical causes of this romantic `desire for nature,' Heller also offers a way to reconstruct ideas of both `nature' and `desire,' drawing from feminist, anarchist, and social ecological theory. She provides an activist response to ecological questions, arguing that the ecology movement too often links ecological problems to personal, psychological, and spiritual concerns, rather than to concerns of social justice. Yet rather than dismiss such personal and qualitative concerns, Heller links the desire for a more meaningful and integral quality of life to the activist impulse itself. Questioning assumptions about `nature,' `desire,' and `the ecological agenda,' the author encourages readers to consider new ways of desiring nature that entail changes not only in personal life-style and outlook, but changes in social institutions as well.

Heller brings back the joy and spontaneity to activism, reminding us that the struggle for freedom and justice is not a duty or a chore. - Greta Gaard, author of Ecological Politics: Ecofeminists and the Greens

This is an exciting, provocative, and truly insightful work. - Murray Bookchin

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Ecology and Desire
  • Part I The Desire for Nature
    • 1. Rescuing Lady Nature: Ecology and the Cult of the Romantic
    • 2. The Reach for the Ecological: From Body Politics to a Social Ecofeminism
  • Part II The Nature of Desire
    • 3. The Nature of Social Desire: Social Anarchism, Feminism, and the Desire to be Social
    • 4. The Five Fingers of Social Desire: The Dimensions of the Socio-Erotic
  • Part III Toward a Social Desire for Nature
    • 5. The Joys of Life: The Natural Evolution of Social Desire
    • 6. Illustrative Opposition: Drawing the Revolutionary out of the Ecological
  • Conclusion
  • Index

Chaia Heller holds a MA in psychology and has worked for many years as a clinical social worker counselling and advocating for women struggling with issues of domestic abuse and poverty. In addition, she has had a long career as a teacher and international lecturer in the fields of social ecology and ecofeminism and is currently on the faculty at the Institute for Social Ecology. She also teaches at the University of Massachusetts where she is pursuing a PhD.

1999: 204 pages, bibliography, index

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