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895 Days That Changed The World : The presidency of Gerald R. Ford

Black Rose Books

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895 Days That Changed The World

 Mount Graeme, Graeme Mount, Mark Gauthier




 Making extensive use of the Gerald Ford Presidential Library, both the archives and the museum, Mount examines the very documents produced by President Ford, members of his cabinet, and the White House staff and through that examination offers a window on the world between August 9th, 1974 and January 20th, 1977.

Author(s): Mount Graeme, Graeme Mount, Mark Gauthier 

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Audience: Professional and scholarly

Subjects:  HIS036060-HISTORY / United States / 20th Century

Pages: 222 

Measurements: 9 in h x 6 in w 

895 Days That Changed The World 

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ISBN-13 paperback: 9781551642741

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