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There is no Planet B January 13, 2023

Posted by Jason Toney on

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There is no Planet B

The extreme heatwaves in Europe, drought, and flooding in Pakistan during 2022 were telling indications of the imminency of climate change and environmental degradation. Voted the fifth warmest year globally, 2022 has demonstrated the consequences of human-driven actions and failure by governments and organizations to address environmental issues.

2022 witnessed the resistance against the COP27 and COP15 conferences as well as a lawsuit against the Swedish state led by many protesters including Greta Thunberg. These events exemplify the superficiality of targets in preserving biodiversity or halting the decline of nature. COP 15 demonstrated the failure to meet the previous 2020 Aichi targets and continued to isolate important actors such as indigenous communities especially when targets include the conservation of land despite continued land extraction and deforestation at the hands of governments as opposed by Indigenous communities.

Addressing environment and ecology, this newsletter includes books aimed at critically analyzing the current political and economic system by providing alternative possibilities. We have also included articles and podcasts on current affairs.

<b>Common Futures</b><br>Yavor Tarinski & Alexander Schismenos

Common Futures
Yavor Tarinski & Alexander Schismenos


<b>Enlightenment and Ecology</b><br>Yavor Tarinski, ed.

Enlightenment and Ecology
Yavor Tarinski, ed.


<b>Green Politics, Green Economics</b><br>M. Athena Paleologou

Green Politics, Green Economics
M. Athena Paleologou


<b>Organicity: Entropy or Evolution</b><br>David Dobereiner

Organicity: Entropy or Evolution
David Dobereiner


<b>Pioneers Of Ecological Humanism</b><br>Brian Morris

Pioneers Of Ecological Humanism
Brian Morris


<b>Political Ecology</b> <br>Dimtrios Roussopoulos

Political Ecology
Dimitrios Roussopoulos


<b>Social Ecology and the Right to the City</b><br>Federico Venturini, Emet Değirmenci, Inés Morales, eds.

Social Ecology and the Right to the City
Federico Venturini, Emet Değirmenci, Inés Morales, eds.


<b>Take the City</b> <br>Jason Toney, ed. <br>

Take the City
Jason Toney, ed.

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