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Open Book Reader

Posted by Rose Black on

If we could let people read our books for free, we would. So, we are.

Increasingly, we find our books hosted on pirate sites, free to download. It would be natural for us to feel cheated by this practice, but instead we are heartened because job #1 at Black Rose Books is getting the important ideas contained in our books in front of eager eyes.

Because we are aware that not everybody can afford to buy our books, or find them in their local stores, we created the Open Book Reader as a way for people to freely read our books online. Black Rose Books believes that our books can change the world and that financial resources should not limit ones access to our authors. Any book with the option to read for free online will have an Open Book Reader button at the top of its description. And you always have the option of getting a personal copy.

Nevertheless, if you support our mission it helps a great deal if you buy our books, donate, or spread the word.


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